Online Course Possibilities

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of women business owners on the topic of e-commerce. I discussed learning about e-commerce out of necessity during 2020 and how it continues to be the only strong source of revenue for the shop 3 years later.

I learned a lot. The thing that stands out to me is that many small business owners see online selling and social media marketing as being too much work. They see it as being not worth the effort. In a time where virtually everything from groceries to shoes can be ordered online, how can any small business ignore the fact that many, if not most consumers purchase goods online. A small business can reach far more customers and sell many more items by building a presence on online sales platforms and through regular and systematic social media posting.

I enjoy building online sales streams for my business. Once a system is built and up and running, it just adds to the cash flow of the business. The initial investment of learning time will pay off in the ability to repeat the process over time and add more sales from other products. We have repeated this system in our small business when we began sales on EBay, followed by Amazon, Etsy and our own website. Each step to build sales on these platforms was a steep learning curve followed by developing a system to list products and ship orders.

I have started down the rabbit hole of research to learn about and develop our next stream of income. The work is done as far as writing content and now comes the learning curve of putting that content out into the world for other small business owners to build their online sales and connected social media marketing posting routines.

Keep watching this blog space for our next post and possibly a new product.

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