What do I post on social media for a small business?

I write my social media posts in batches once or twice a week. My posting goal is to post frequently on my pages so that I can put my posts in front of people on different platforms, on different times of day to catch the attention of a variety of prospective customers.

My Posting Routine

1. Posting daily on Facebook, Pinterest and instagram (2-3 times per day).

2. Posting two times per week on TikTok.

3. Posting weekly on my blog.

4. Email customers weekly.

My Posting Format Rules

⁃ each FB/ IG post links to my website or a shop listing

⁃ Each TikTok post links to the website

⁃ Each blog post links to the webpage

⁃ Each Pinterest post links to the blog or webpage

⁃ All posts name the shop and business address

Things I use to accomplish all of these posts

1. Take a lot of pictures and use them more than once.

2. Use Business Suite to batch posts for Facebook and Instagram

3. Schedule Pinterest posts 3-4 days in advance

4. Write a short blog with pictures every week.

5. Use CapCut Templates to quickly creat TikToks from previous still photos.

Picture post ideas

K.I.S.S.: Keep it super simple

Select a picture. Write 2-3 sentences. Add hashtags. Add link. Add location. Done.

-product flat lay

-person who works in the biz

-behind the scenes

-storefront pic

-full shelves with shop products

-packages ready to ship

-a happy customer making a purchase

-color variations of the same product

-a staff member doing their job

This probably seems like lot. Maybe it seems impossible. I didn’t do all of this in the beginning. I took one platform at a time. After on platform became easy, I added the next one.

Working hard on social media is trading labor as an alternative to paid advertising. It is catching the attention of your customers where they are at and then directing their attention to where they can find and purchase your items.

Coming up next:

Apps, podcasts and YouTubes sources to improve your social media game.

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