Solving Holiday Gift Challenges

The holidays are creeping up on you. There are less than 100 days until Christmas as of this writing. If someone on your list has a hobby or an overly active interest area, it’s a good bet you can find a gift to fit that interest. But if you don’t understand or follow that hobby, selecting a gift is difficult.

Enter subscription boxes. These little gems are available for many hobbies and interests. They come in single month or multi month options.

Our shop sends out 4 different subscription boxes each month. There is a sock yarn box, a dishcloth cotton box, and a mystery box. We also send out a box with just the yarn from the sock yarn box. There are no extra goodies included in that box. New this year is a special holiday box. It is filled with all of our favorite tools for knitting and crocheting.

If you know a yarn addict who can’t stop the knitting or crocheting, check these out for your holiday giving this year. We send these boxes all over the country and can personalize them with a gift card too.

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