June SipNStitch Box

The June SipNStitch Box just went out in the mail. This makes 11 months that the shop has sent out a curated box for sock yarn lovers. It has been a crazy journey and I’ve learned a lot. It has been crazy but worth it. 

Here are four big things that I have learned about subscription boxes and developing this stream of income for your small business. 

  1. Plan, plan, and then plan again. Sending out a great box each month is an effort in planning. I have to visit with everyone who is contributing an item for the box. The items have to get to the shop by the correct date. There has to be the correct number of items. The boxes have to be packed and shipped on time. When all this happens, it starts all over as soon as the boxes ship.
  2. Document everything. Write it down. I use a spreadsheet with all the info on each item to be included in the box. Each month is planned out on a separate sheet. It has spaces for when items are ordered, when they arrive, and each date that I contact suppliers. Don’t depend on your memory. Write it all down.
  3. You cannot talk about your box too much. It takes many points of contact to convince a buyer to try your box. Consistent posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest is required. TikTok is becoming more important. All of for this takes planning and time. Learning how to take great product photos or finding someone who can, is critical. Using them on social media consistently shows potential customers what you offer clearly and why they should be interested.
  4. People want to help get you started and successful. Use Facebook groups, podcasts, YouTube and online classes ci learn best practices. Talk about your box to every group you are part of. Take advantage of boutiques and pop up markets. Each of these is a source of feedback to help refine your box contents and messaging. Each event and each conversation focuses your efforts a little more if you allow potential customers to tell you exactly what they want.
June SipNStitch Box

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