Mastermind Groups for Small Businesses

Mastermind groups?

I have owned a business for the last 10 years.  I have taken classes, participated in workshops and local mentoring groups.  One idea that has been on my mind and growing is the need to participate in a mastermind group.  The concept of a mastermind group is not a new one.  Napoleon Hill describes the function of them in his book, Think and Grow Rich.  

A group is formed to promote the mutual growth of it’s members.  Mastermind groups are not primarily social but hopefully amicable.  There should be a good “fit” between all the members and commitment to meet regularly and improve.  

Recently, I had the opportunity to form a new mastermind group in our community.  It will be made up of local business women with relatively new businesses.  Each of the people are hard working and smart.  We have known each other though workshops, mentoring groups and as business neighbors in a small town. As we meet each week, I hope the collective ideas we are able to generate promote the growth of all of us.  Our weekly agenda will grow and change with the group, I am sure.  

To begin our structure will be:

First 10 minutes:

Each member will state one big win or accomplishment from the week.

Next 40 minutes:

Hot seat member will state the one problem that they need help with.  

The group will generate ideas to assist with this problem.

Last 10 minutes:

Each member will state 3-4 things they are committed to working on this week to improve their business. Determine the next weeks’ hot seat person

Mastermind groups work through having accountability regularly towards growth.  I look forward to the growth and perspective I will get from working with these other business women. 

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